Joining EAA 690

We invite to you visit one of the many activities at the hangar, and even better, we’d love to have you join the Chapter.  Membership is required in the national organization, with individual memberships at $40/yr. and family memberships at $50/yr.  To join the national organization go to

A separate fee is required to join the local chapter.  Easily pay for memberships and chapter functions by going to our Chapter store.  It's easy, quick, and secure. When joining as a new member, please be sure to include your name and email address.

Membership is pro-rated for new members joining after January. When visiting the marketplace to join be sure to select the month you are joining so you will be charged the correct amount. If you join in Oct - Dec your new membership will carry through the end of the next year.  If paying through the marketplace, please fill out the Membership Application and forward it to the address indicated on the front of the application or bring it to the next chapter event that you attend.