The program will be presented by Anh-Thu (Anna) Nguyen

Anh-Thu has worked relentlessly to overcome tremendous challenges since leaving behind her beloved war ravaged remote village in Tuy-Hoa, Vietnam, where she received her elementary and middle school education from a UNICEF-built school.  Growing up in a village with no electricity, flying high was simply and realistically just a big dream, and dream big she did.

To many other women around her, she is the epitome of women empowerment and strength. Arriving in America at the age of 12 with no English or financial resources, she worked hard to graduate valedictorian of her high school and top 10 of her college class from Purdue University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech. Along the way, she has faced constant setbacks and disappointments in her personal life and academic career, but she has always been determined to move forward. After years of interrupted training, she obtained her private pilot license and in 2017 became an AOPA Distinguished Flight Instructor, having taught hundreds of pilots and earning her Airline Transport Pilot certificate.

Regardless of her many achievements, Anh-Thu’s presence at airports in 2019, surprisingly, still is a source of confusion and a huge shock to many including airport security personnel, who on many occasions, have denied her entry through the gate. On a daily basis, she constantly has to explain herself and convince people that she's a pilot. After facing so many challenges, it is now her mission and civic responsibility to raise visibility and awareness to women in aviation and to promote aerospace education for young girls.  Only 6% of all pilots in the world are female, and only 7 women have successfully circumnavigated the globe. 

Her life stories are inspirational and have taught many women around her to dare to dream the impossible even when things are difficult.

The September 7th program will begin at 10:00 AM and is open to all.  An all you care to eat pancake (and eggs, sausage and biscuits, etc.) breakfast and/or refreshments are available beginning at 8:00 AM in the EAA Sport Aviation Center, 690 Airport Road, at Gwinnett County's Briscoe Field. The price of breakfast for adults is $7, children under 10, $3. Ample aircraft and auto parking is available.